How we started

about-rps-tacticalRPS Tactical started as a concealed carry firearms training company in 2010. In 2013 we became a RPS Tactical LLC. Under the direction of its founder Robert Bouley II our company changed its main focus to manufacturing. Rob as a full time Law Enforcement officer for 11 years, an avid shooter, and strong believer in concealed carry saw a great need for more innovative holsters and gear. At this time our company had been building and designing holsters for concealed carry for local gun shops and police officers. At Shotshow 2013 in the DKX Armor booth we released our new premier innovative holster design, the Adaptive Holster. This was the only holster on the market at the time that you could easily change its mounts to IWB carry, OWB belt loop carry, Molle mounted, paddle mounted, shoulder harness mounted or Velcro mounted anywhere you needed. We continued expanding the company’s manufacturing of Reliable Protective Systems (RPS). Then in 2014 we expanded our company by taking over a nylon gear company that started its life with DKX Armor, which is CSE Gear (Critical Safety Equipment Gear). In honor of the company, we decided to keep the name CSE Gear as our nylon gear line.
With our small facility in Fairfield Maine we are able to do big things. We have a full sewing production and partner with companies to meet all of our customer’s needs. We have state of equipment for vacuum molding all of our rigid plastic and leather gear.

Backed by a Lifetime Warranty, all of our product is proven on the range and in the field. The company is proud to build gear needed for United States Military men and women, DEA agents, FBI agents, MDEA agents, State Police, County Sheriff’s departments, local Law Enforcement agencies and civilians.

Our values

As a Christian owned company we believe in high morals and core values such as honesty, dependability, being trustworthy, fair towards each other, our employees and our customers.

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