Anywhere Velcro mounts

Anywhere Velcro mounts


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Product description

The Anywhere Velcro mount is as it sounds. It allows you to mount our Velcro backed holsters where ever you wish. Mount your holster in your safe, by your bed, out of the reach of children, under a desk, anywhere in your vehicle, in your motorcycle side bags and more.

This mount is made with a flexible/durable core that hook industrial Velcro is adhered and stitched to. In each of its corner are reinforced holes to allow you to permanently mount it with shrews to the mounting surface. On its back is a 3M mounting tape to allow non permanent attachment.

This mount is easy to install. Just clean the surface you wish to mount to with the alcohol wipe. You then need to peal off the paper backing and stick the mount how you wish. For longer lasting attachement screw the mount down.