HCH 1 holster


HCH 1 holster


Gun *

At this time we only make the HCH 1 holster for Glock double stack 9mm/40/357sig pistols in compact for full size.

Right *

This holster at this time comes in a right hand configuration only.

Kydex color *

Choose the color of your holster

Mount *

Choose the mount you want for this holster. Other mounts can be purchased in our mount section of our site.

Concealment wing addon

This concealment wing mount to the holes below the trigger guard and is shown in one of the attached photos.

  • Description

Product description

Our HCH 1 (High Concealment Holster) holster is different then the rest of our IWB holsters with its built in concealment wedge on its back that pushes the gun comfortably into your side for deeper concealment. This holster is right hand only but is designed to allow you to change its mounts to how you want to carry it. The holster is also designed to allow you to attach concealment wings to further push the but of the larger frame pistol into your side for enhanced concealment if needed.