100 Foot leash bag

100 Foot leash bag


Bag with 100 foot line

Our 100 foot line is durable comes with two locking carabiners. One carabiner locks onto the inside of the bag to allow retention of your line.

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Product description

Our 100 Food Leash Bag is like no other. Built to hold our 100 foot rope leash and allow multiple leashes and bags together. This allows to handler to quickly deploy his dog with a 100, 200, 300 or more foot leash. Each bag allows you to pack your leash to allow quick and smooth deployment. On the inside bottom of the bag we have placed a metal ring to allow the end of your leash to be secured to the bag to insure your leash stays with you at the end.

You can purchase this bag with our without our 100 foot leash. Our 100 foot leash is made of Sterling Rope with a locking carabiner on each end.