Padded Lifting Straps

Padded Lifting Straps


Large webbing color *

Choose the color of your Large webbing.

Small webbing color *

Choose the color or print of the 1 inch webbing on the front of your straps.

Stitching color *

Choose the color of your stitching

Strap lenght *

Choose how long your straps are so that you have the perfect size for you. 20 inch is our most common.

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Product description

Our padded lifting straps come are made for comfort out of long lasting high quality nylon webbing.They come as a pair. These straps will outlast others on the market while providing superior comfort. Each set of straps is custom made in the USA with the webbing and stitching you choose while custom ordering. These straps have enhanced comfort due to there built in neoprene padding all the way around your wrist. Because we are here to provide you with the gear you need, how you need it, we allow you to also choose the length of your straps while ordering.