Access Badge Carrier (Badge,RFID,ID)

Access Badge Carrier (Badge,RFID,ID)

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Product description

At our customers request we have designed a badge holder that allows you to carry your badge, a proximity card and an ID in it. This holder can be carried in your pocket, in your wallet or on your neck. A 3 foot neck chain is provided so you can carry the badge holder around your neck.

This badge carrier is all synthetic and it will hold up to heavy wear.

COMPLEATE ACCESS: Our badge holder allows you to carry all you need to identify yourself quickly and it gives you access to your secured building.

1 review for Access Badge Carrier (Badge,RFID,ID)

  1. Lincoln Ryder

    Excellent lightweight and compact design for a badge / ID holder. I use this everyday for work and while carrying off duty. My work ID and electronic access card for our building fit nicely inside, as well as displaying my badge. When necessary, I can display the holder around my neck for quick identification as a law enforcement officer. Otherwise, I keep it in my front pocket for easy admittance to controlled access areas at work.

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