Adaptive Holster (full to compact guns)

Adaptive Holster (full to compact guns)

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    Reviews (11)

Product description

We do not stock many holsters and your holster may need to be built to order. The Adaptive Holster is a minimalist holster. This Holster has our Full/compact leather cut. This holster is set apart from the rest because they are multi-purpose with a custom curved fit to your body. Why else is it set apart from other holsters out there? It is because the Adaptive Holster allows you to carry or use the holster however you want. FOR SMALLER FRAME GUNS LOOK UP OUR ADAPTIVE SUBCOMPACT HOLSTER. FOR MIRCO GUNS LOOK UP OUR POCKET HOLSTERS OR ADAPTIVE MICRO HOLSTER..If we don’t have your gun listed contact us and we will take care of you.

Build with a comfort curve fit.

-Quick on and off capability.

-Perfectly molded to each gun.

-Made of 10oz leather, Kydex, and reinforced injected molded mounts.

– Allows you to carry OWB, IWB (tuck-able), Molle, shoulder harness and paddle

– Soft Velcro mounting back option to mount to any surface.

-Steel mounting hardware.

-Lifetime Warrantee.

11 reviews for Adaptive Holster (full to compact guns)

  1. Alex P

    I carry a Glock 19.
    I’ve tried many different holsters and spent lots of money.
    I saw someone with a RPS IWB holister at a gun shop, it looked pretty good. So I purchased one…WOW!!!
    I carry 98% of the time. Most of the time I forget that I have my gun one me!!
    This is by far the best holster ever!!
    It comes pre-curved wich is great, adds tons of comfort.
    I’m trying to think about any bad things about these holsters, I just can’t say anything bad about them.

    I would highly recommend this holster to anyone.


    Keep up the good work.

    However, I wish we could by them in gun shops….

  2. Joel Eldridge

    I’ve worked in law enforcement for 18 years and carry a gun everyday on duty. When I’m off-duty I want to carry something comfortable. I started carrying RPS holsters and I’ve loved them ever since. I carry it for my Glock 21, my clock 30, and I have one for my Smith & Wesson Shield end for my Springfield XDS 4.5 I can’t say enough good things about the quality of this product.

  3. Bill

    When I wanted a IWB holster I wanted it to be comfortable. I looked around and really didn’t want to deal with a mail order company. I found RPS and drove to Rob. He made mine that day and showed me his process and from then on I knew it will be the only place I will buy from. Very quick turn around and very fair pricing, I am a customer for life.

  4. Doug Brockway

    I bought this for my Sig Sauer P250 and I don’t regret it for a moment. It was proving difficult to find one for this model so I almost gave up. I heard about RPS being local so I gave them a call. I was able to go to the shop and watch them make it right in front of me. Several months later it’s proven durable beyond my expectations. I’m very happy with the holster.

  5. KP

    Having tried a variety of holsters, I was happy to find that the perfect and best solution to carrying my Glock 23 comes from a custom shop right here in Maine. Perfect fit, outstanding attention to detail, IWB or OWB option in same holster; and all at a completely reasonable price for premium American made kit. If it were to cost more I would still ‘pay once and cry once’ but be well served for a lifetime. Fortunately, that is not the case as this is the best value I have seen. I will be back for more soon with my XDS in 45, simply great stuff!

  6. Kris

    I wanted to carry my Taurus Judge once in a while and bought one of the adaptive holsters thinking it would be mediocre, but get the job done. This holster snap fit to the judge and keeps it nice and snug. The holster curve fits perfect to your strong side carry and has just enough arc wrap to your body. Take this company seriously, they take their products seriously. Will be back for more.

  7. northernxtreme

    This is the most comfortable inside the waste band holster I have worn. I have three of the RPS holsters, one for a Glock 19, one for a S&W Airweight 38, and one for a S&W Shield. Out of the three I carry my shield the most and have been using this holster for over a year. It is comfortable, secure and provides a quick draw. It doesn’t print, no one can tell I am carrying even people who know I carry all the time cannot tell.

  8. Rich

    I use a version of this holster for my Glock 43 and M&P Compact. I have worn them inside and outside the wasteband and I have been using them for over a year. The holsters are very well made, durable, comfortable to wear and work well when presenting and reholstering my firearms. The holster conceals well, I have not had any problems with printing. When worn outside the wasteband, the pistol grip is held firmly against the side of my body. I would not hesitate to recommend this holster to anyone looking for a quality kydex/leather holster for concealed carry.

  9. Rich

    I would like to add that RPS Tactical produced a shoulder rig using two adaptive holsters that I use to carry two Glock 19 pistols. The shoulder rig is adjustable for size and fits excellent, keeping both pistols secure. The adaptive holster is a very flexible product and is the most useful holster system I own. It can be used to carry in the waistband, outside the wasteband, or adapted to a shoulder harness. It can also be purchased with a velcro backing to facilitate mounting it in a car or a gun safe. Going from one configuration to another simply involves removing a couple of screws and placing or removing or replacing a bracket and retightening the hardware as applicable. There are not many good do-all holsters on the market and this holster truly does it all and is an excellent value. This is the one holster system that I would recommend to anyone for virtually any carry purpose. It is hands down one of the best holsters on the market.

  10. Lincoln Ryder

    Excellent craftsmanship and finish. Holds pistol securely and is comfortable to wear.

  11. Rob

    I currently have 6 different holsters made by RPS. the guns that i have holsters for are a Smith and Wesson 40 cal. Shield, a Smith and Wesson 380 bodyguard, a Springfield XD 9MM, a Glock 30, and EAA .357 Magnum. every holster was custom made to fit my guns and the position i prefer to carry. that’s why i will keep buying more.

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