Kydex pocket holster (suede covered)

Kydex pocket holster (suede covered)

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Product description

Our Kydex pocket holster if made of .08 kydex that perfectly folds around your gun. This holster has a flat bottom so that the holser sits flat in your pocket. The holster has a extended tail at its back (under your guns grip) that is designed to assist you in un-holstering your guns. The outside of this holster is wrapped in a black suede, for looks and comfort.

Note: We may not have what you order in stock especially if its anything other than black. Our average lead time is 2-4 weeks.

1 review for Kydex pocket holster (suede covered)

  1. Lincoln Ryder

    Great design for inside the pocket carry for small pistols. I bought this for my Taurus PT738 and it works great – very little print and easy to access and draw by dragging the tail of the holster on the inside of the pocket.

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