Micro Adaptive Holster


Micro Adaptive Holster


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Product description

The Micro Adaptive Holster is a minimalist holster like all or our Adaptive style holsters. This Holster has our Micro leather cut, which makes this holster one of the smallest on the market. This holster is set apart from the rest because you can wear it several different ways by changing its mounts. Purchase the mounts you want and need when ordering this holster. Why is this holster set apart from other holsters out there? It is because the Micro Adaptive Holster allows you to carry or use the holster however you want.

Build for concealment and comfort.

-Quick carry use -Perfectly molded to each gun.

-Made of 10oz leather, Kydex, and reinforced injected molded mounts.

– Allows you to carry in your pocket, OWB, IWB (tuck-able), Molle, shoulder harness or on a paddle mount, single Ulti-Clip mount when you don’t have a belt on and more.

– Add a Soft Velco back to allow you to mount to any surface that hook Velcro is added on.

We have several Velcro mounts available in our holster mount section.

-Steel mounting hardware.

-Lifetime Warrantee.

Note: We may not have what you order in stock especially if its anything other than black. Our average lead time is 2-4 weeks.


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