Kangaroo Dump Pouch (KDP)

Kangaroo Dump Pouch (KDP)

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How often do you wonder what to do with the front Kangaroo pocket (admin pouch) on your plate carrier? RPS Tactical has designed the KDP Adaptor (patent pending) to turn your pocket into a useful dump pouch. The dump pouch adaptor keeps the mouth of your pouch open at all times, in all conditions for you to quickly dump your magazines or anything you need to quickly store. This pouch can also be used for police and military members to quickly secure a threats handgun while handcuffing the threat. Purchase one or hour Adaptive holsters with a Velcro mount on it to mount on one side of the Kangaroo pouch and use the rest of the pouch for a dump pouch.

The KDP Adaptor was also designed to flex in when laying on it to allow you to lay prone with no issues.

Each pouch comes with a lanyard hole to allow you to use a lanyard on it for your pistol or any accessories that you will carry in the pouch.

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1 review for Kangaroo Dump Pouch (KDP)

  1. Lincoln Ryder

    Great / simple design to expand the utility of a plate carrier / tactical vest. I use mine with a CSE Gear carrier with DKX Level III plates. The Kangaroo Adapter holds the map pocket of the carrier open and allows me to quickly retain magazines during tactical magazine changes. This option is much faster than using a side mounted dump pouch and also allows ease of access if the partial mags are needed again.

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