Seal1 Liquid (4oz bottle)

Seal1 Liquid (4oz bottle)


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Our CLP Plus™ is a revolutionary “Green Engineered” product that cleans, lubricates and protects firearms with a non-toxic cleaner.

SEAL 1™ CLP PLUS™ is a “Green Engineered” biodegradable CLP lubricant made from “bio-based” ingredients.

•It is a Non-Toxic cleaner that dissolves carbon on contact and reduces the time it takes to clean, lube and protect your firearm.

•After several applications your cleaning time is reduced even further as the SEAL 1™ CLP PLUS™ creates a protective barrier that prevents fouling from sticking.

SEAL 1™ CLP PLUS™ is a paradigm shift in gun care. It virtually eliminates the, traditional cleaning process.

•Treating a weapon with SEAL 1™ CLP PLUS™ creates a barrier that resists fouling particles such as copper, lead, sand, dust and dirt.


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